The Future of Working Spaces

Green Spaces NY - About Us

Welcome to Green Spaces New York — the place where you meet the future, today.

Green Spaces New York is an innovation in working spaces. Founded by a group of eco-conscious individuals, Green Spaces is seen as a pioneer in the aim to transform working spaces not just in New York, the United States, but even worldwide.

You see, Green Spaces New York is a working hub that fuses sustainability, zero waste and care for the environment. In these spaces, you can totally check out how the buildings are made of sustainable materials; how waste are being handled, recycled and re-used; and how protection of the environment is being advocated. We understand the terrible impact of today’s working spaces on the environment, and that is why we built these facilities to show to the world that it is possible to make changes and enable transformation.

The idea for Green Spaces New York started when the owners actually built a green garage with a traditional-raised garage door in Tucson. That was when the owners realized that it is truly possible to build houses, buildings and even green communities. From there, the owners started their green construction business, which is all about ensuring that the protection and welfare of the environment is always considered.

There are various innovations in Green Spaces New York. These innovations include the following:

Use of Sustainable Materials

The materials used in the buildings of Green Spaces NY come from durable and sustainable materials. Note that in terms of the construction, care was taken to ensure that only natural materials are used, those that expend low energy and have low environmental impacts. These types of materials include the use of reinforced concrete with bamboo, natural or timber fibres; straw bales, geo textiles, timber as compared to steel and so on. The timbers that were used come from sustainably farmed forests.

Use of Sustainable Furniture
Sustainable Furniture

We firmly take our commitment to sustainability very strongly. For this reason, we use a lot of recycled and upcycled materials for our furniture. In fact, we have made strong partnerships with suppliers of these types of materials. You can always check out our supplier section as we are very transparent with our supply chains.

Zero Waste
Zero Waste

All of our buildings are designed in such a way that there will be zero waste. In most buildings, the use of water can be very wasteful. But in Green Spaces New York, this is something that we have addressed from the very beginning. We have treatment areas for wastewater and a way to reuse the water for various purposes, such as for our gardens at the top of our building.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Green Spaces NY lives up to its commitment to provide green areas. We have spaces for gardens at the top floor where employees can go to take breaks and to simply relax and take in the green surroundings. Feel free to go up the topmost floor and enjoy the view of New York amidst lush greenery.