This page is geared for our customers who have benefitted from our services. Please feel free to post your feedback on our services and the work that we do in transforming your homes or buildings into Green Spaces.

Green Spaces NY - Testimonials

Richard, 55
I am so amazed by the work of Green Spaces NY. They have transformed our 25-year home into a green home. Imagine, now, we basically have zero waste. And the cost of our utilities have gone down, thanks to Green Spaces NY. I feel so happy that we are contributing to the better health of the environment while at the same time we are also benefitting from lower electricity bills. Thank you so much Green Spaces NY.

Amanda, 30
I just had a new house built by Green Spaces NY. It is so great. I have solar panels on my roof so my electricity is provided by the sun. Also, there is a technology they have installed to help me recycle my water use. This way, I pay almost next to nothing for my utilities. Amazing, right? What’s more, Green Spaces NY has actually been very helpful. They are the ones who have provided me with a lot of advice to make sure that I truly benefit from their services.

Marco, 33
I own a Green Spaces building in New York. It has been planned and constructed by the team of Robert and Mia. I like the fact that they were very consultative from the very beginning. They listened to my vision and implemented a building that is according to what I wanted. Plus, they really made sure that everything is working as green as can be. Part of the concrete that they made for my building even included bamboo fibres, which was really great. I never knew that you can actually use bamboo as part of the concrete.