Green Spaces NY - FAQs

In this page, you will find all the most frequently asked questions that have been sent to us. Please browse through the questions to know more about Green Spaces NY. If you have questions or concerns that have not been addressed here, please let us know so that we can properly respond to you.

What is Green Spaces NY?

Green Spaces NY is a construction company with the advocacy of constructing buildings that follow the environmental standard. We are the very first construction company in New York City that started this trend. Our goal is to make sure that each of the green buildings we construct is environmentally friendly and has low energy or carbon impact on the environment.

Why are you into this kind of business?

The answer is simple. We know the negative impacts of houses and buildings into the environment. We know that there are solutions to address these. It is simply a matter of having the courage to try new things and make the transformation. By doing so, we can start a revolution and hopefully start the conversion of each home and each building one at a time.

How did you start in the green construction business?

Robert and Mia, the owners of the business, are both civil engineers by profession. In their search for environmentally-friendly solutions in the construction industry, they were able to innovate and find technologies that will make the transformation to green construction possible. In doing so, Robert and Mia realized that they can actually make a difference in the construction business and start a trend for environmentally-friendly buildings. Now, they have built over a thousand houses and buildings and are set to start on a new trend, which is to start the building of green communities in the United States and hopefully, in other parts of the world too.