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Green Spaces NY - About Us

Hello there! Thank you so much for visiting Green Spaces New York. We are very happy that you have visited our page. We sincerely hope that you are able to go through our gallery section and see our premier environmentally friendly buildings. You see, we are really very much committed to doing our best to protect the earth. And so, we want to start a revolution, in the hopes that more people consider putting up green buildings and houses, instead of the usual ones that have strong negative impacts on the environment.

Green Spaces NY is the very first building developer that started the trend of sustainable buildings. We are doing this because we realized that a single building, a working space, can actually have strong negative impacts on the environment and can also impact our natural resources. This is something that we want to stop. At the same time, we also want to show the world that it can be done.

Robert and Mia, the power couple who started this trend on green buildings are both civil engineers by profession. They love designing innovative structures and have simply found a way to make sure that buildings follow environmentally-friendly designs. Because of this, they have put up a business with the advocacy of constructing houses, buildings and infrastructures all around the United States that follow the green philosophy.

Currently, they have put up nearly a thousand of these houses and buildings. Now, they are in the process of working with cities to set up green communities, to transform the current way of doing things into eco-friendly systems. They will continue their advocacy to transform one house and one building at a time into green spaces. If you want to take advantage of their services, feel free to contact Green Spaces NY.